Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sound is energy – the root energy from which all other energies are derived. Light is a higher vibration of sound. So high that it passes through all other vibrations, hindered only by the lower vibrations of what it passes through. The Universal Parabrahman is the highest form of light, and is becoming lighter and lighter constantly. The Dark Forces are the lowest form of light in which the vibration levels are very low.

What is a low vibration level is a gross body, a higher vibration level is a light body – and the numerous variations within. When a soul is created, it has to pass through the various levels of vibration until it can go back to it’s original light source. This is essentially The Wheel of Life in which the soul is created from Pure Light – is sent to utter darkness, and then has to work its way back into the light for realizing the Divinity that it is made of.

A soul in a human body is considered to be a mature soul. Of course, there are groups, sub groups, and sub sub groups within this as well. This explains why some adults are childish and some children are really mature for their age. From books, we know that the levels of evolution are crystal, then plant, then animal, and finally human. Science teaches us that opposites attract and like repel. Energy Theory tells us that like energies attract, opposite energies repel. This is based on the principle of resonating sound. Similar sounds will vibrate harmoniously together, while discordant sounds will sound chaotic. Similar vibrations – and by that I mean all of life – will gravitate towards one another, while dissimilar ones will move apart as far as energetically possible.

It’s believed that a soul with a human incarnation has already passed through the animal, vegetable and mineral incarnations. The higher the maturity of the soul, the greater the test or burden it must face in it’s life. That’s why human existences are often miserable and troublesome. Animals have a much freer and relaxed existence. They are themselves with others of their kind. Humans are at odd within themselves, let alone other human beings. Let’s not even get into the dynamics of human-human relationships within families, neighbourhoods, towns, cities and so forth.

When it comes to consuming food, the principle of resonating energy follows the law of paradoxes. Human beings don’t eat other human beings – at least not in “civilized” society. They consume animals and vegetables. Here, the resonating sounds of flesh within flesh creates a grosser resonance. This is because the energy bodies of mature souls (speaking from a simple evolutionary perspective only) have grosser bodies to handle. The older the pupil, the tougher the syllabus. Vegetables and minerals have cleaner energy bodies compared to humans and animals. When a human eats an animal, the overall vibration frequency of the human decreases. However, when vegetables are eaten, the average vibrations don’t vary all that much. Why then don’t we eat minerals? This is because that particular frequency does not match with the human frequency anymore. It’s on the other side of the spectrum. Just as most humans can’t survive on air alone, they can’t survive on rocks and sand. Every being operates within its level of vibration.

Speaking of vibrations, the Universe was created by sound. The Word, as it is called in the Bible. The Word in this timeframe is Om. It’s a very energetic and high frequency word. Most of us can’t handle it’s frequencies for prolonged periods without suffering side effects. Our gross bodies are just not capable of vibrating at the frequency that Om exists at. It’s easier to chant Om from the throat than from the palate or through the nose. When chanting from the throat, it creates a pleasant vibration in the head and body. When chanting from the nose or palate, it causes shortness of breath and lightheadedness. The palate and nose are positioned higher than the throat. They operate at a higher frequency within the human range. That’s why, for gross bodies, a throaty chant is simpler. The overall energy quality of a throaty Om is lower than that of a pitched one, but it’s still much higher than the gross energy of a physical body. For beginners, chanting Om from the throat will gradually increase their frequency and they will be able to chant from their nose and palate with more comfort gradually.

Frequency is another aspect of life. We may wonder why we have to go through incarnation after incarnation just to learn lessons for our Higher Soul. Why must the incarnated souls go through this tedium? This reason can be traced back to the Parabrahman Itself.

In the beginning, there was only the Parabrahman as a thought. No energy. No matter. No existence. Nothing. It wanted to know what It was, what it was capable of. It wanted to realize itself. And so, it created existence. From thought came energy. Sound energy. Om. The Big Bang. From energy came matter. The universe and all that is within it. Interestingly, Universe can be broken down into Uni and Verse, or One Verse. The One Verse could very well be referring to Om.

Once the Parabrahman manifested it’s thought by exerting energies into creating matter, various things were made real. Creation extended into positive infinity and negative infinity – concepts which we are unable to fathom, but for the Parabrahman’s self realization quest it was a necessity. As we are part of a universe, that is part of a greater chain of universes and so forth. Similarly, we carry entire universes within us. Our bodies are composed of atoms, which are further subdivided into the nucleus and orbits. The nuclei are also broken down into smaller and smaller levels ad infinitum.

One of the created objects are souls. A class of light beings charged with awareness and entrusted with the task of understanding what created reality is. The higher souls sent off a portion of their light bodies into physical reality from time to time to experience living on that plane of existence. As the tenure of the incarnated soul drew to a close, it returned to the higher soul and shared it’s experience and learning. Each such sharing increased the average vibration of the higher soul. As more lessons were required to be learned for understanding the Parabrahman’s creations, more and more incarnations were made by the higher souls for greater understanding. Remember, the Parabrahman began this entire exercise to realize itself. Any action conducted by us – the incarnated souls – is a learning experience for our higher soul, and in turn, the Parabrahman. This does not mean that we can go around doing whatever we want under the garb of gathering all kinds of knowledge for the Parabrahman. We have to vibrate harmoniously with our fellow incarnated souls. If we disharmonize ourselves, we will be moved into a setting where we meet like vibrations, with greater volume. Something which we might not find very pleasant at all. The Laws of Karma operate on this principle. Then again, the concept of pleasant and unpleasant is something which only the incarnated souls experience. It’s in our best interest that we stick to our created concepts of pleasantness for our sake and strive to lead lives in which we attract pleasant vibrations. The principles of Loving Kindness, Non-Violence and Non-injury are guidelines to help us stay within the Laws of Karma and remain in harmony with incarnated reality.

After each and every portion of the higher soul’s light body has attained knowledge, it starts vibrating at a higher frequency. This might be called Attaining Nirvana from this plane. The higher soul then moves on to higher and higher planes, attaining Nirvana at each level. When all the planes have been covered and the overall frequency of the higher soul is close to that of the Parabrahman, it moves into God Realization and starts resonating with the Parabrahman itself. It then merges with the White Light and becomes One with God.

I've been thinking a bit.