Saturday, May 3, 2008

Alphabet Soup

Tagged by Macavity. I'd hyperlink her name, but can't remember the tags, so she gets a lovely hue of red instead.

A- Alhambra. Something to do with pigs and pokers. Ron suggested the marriage of Islam with Lingerie.

B - Byakaron. Grammar in Bengali. Twisted Ron more like it.

C - Caantinue. Something my Mallu friends say. Some of them are slightly ahem oriented. Some of them are likesized.

D - Dodell. Making mouse marks on laptops..

E - Ellefaint. You know, those size zero models on that magazine cover.

F - Fushkuri. Fokla. Fishfish.

G - Globspot. Hmm.. frozen limbs dot glob spot.

H - Heh. The only response to heart cancer. This does not include frantic responses inquiring about Ron's health.

I - Ishkabon. Calling a spade a spade. Nothing to do with Issssh's sister, jungle or the both thereof.

J - Jibanu. Bong for microbes. Sounds like Anu's tongue.

K- Khunti. Khichuri. Khisti. I claim parentage of Khisti. You can't take that away from me.

L - Lebu. French ghosts. Sometimes seen playing water football in Lebur Pool.

M - Monsieur. My pig. Hmm.. sounds a bit like Mamata Banerjee.

N - Negro Nishidaak. Donald's and Daffy's nocturnal counterpart. Has a problem with his 31,000 knees growing ununiformly.

O - Orkut. Brazilian for genius programmer. Reverse bong for piece. Finnish for orgasm.

P - Padre. Please fart. Precedes PPP. PPP stands for Pre Poop Pee.

Q - Quetzalcoatl. The missing bit from ikir mikir cham chikir's dowar.

R - Rondhon. Cooking something that belongs to Ron, without which Ron would not be Ron. Or perhaps Rochonaboli.. literary sacrifices. Gee.. He wondered why my dhon is stuck on Ron...

S - Sheikh's Pear. The real reason English speaking nations are well lubricated.

T - Tora tora tora. Broke broke broke.

U - Umbilical cord. Comes linked amniotic fluid.

V - Vidya. She'll kill me when she reads this. Or die laughing.

W - Wonky. A lonely house key.

X - a residual current that still sends sparks flying.

Y - Yahweh. Heh's divine creator.

Z - Zarathustra. Pushing a little harder.

I tag my semi existent reader base. Especially Ron, Riju and Gaurav.