Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 things

This be a Facebook tag, where you're supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. But since I haven't yet figured out how to use the application even with detailed instructions, getting it done over here. Besides, I've suddenly become comment hungry.

So here goes..

1) My Dad plays the Sitar, so my earliest childhood memory is waking up to the sounds of rich music. In fact, this influenced me so much that till age 5 I used to sit on the stairs, embrace the banister like a Sitar and strum the railing. Since no sound came out, I would say "pao pao" imitating the instrument.

2) As I kid I was dreadfully afraid of two things: people and poo. In nursery school, I would quietly stand at the corner of the playground while all the other kids were running around. For some reason, the teachers would find this extremely cute. And they named me chubby cheeks..

3) The poo paranoia was so huge that I refused to take a dump. Used to think that this was something dirty, smelly and yucky. So I used to suppress it with all my might whenever I needed to crap. This led to constipation and the good doctor gave my very patient Mother a pill to shove up my ass. I remember how good it felt when I shat for 30 minutes at a stretch. I was 7 then.

4) The previous experience gave me the ability to control my bowel movements. Now I can go for a max of three without relieving myself. Comes in handy when I'm traveling and the arrangements are shitty. Erm..

5) My accent changes automatically depending on who I am talking to. This happens mostly when I'm conversing with clients. The South-East Asians think I'm making fun of them. The Americans introduce me to their wives.

6) I lose my cool very easily... and cool down even quicker. When I get angry, I can lift up dining tables to hurl them. If I'm getting angry on the phone, I change my voice to the Christian "Batman" Bale growl.

7) I pace while talking on the phone. At home, I've got this route - verandah, bed, dresser, bed, verandah. Whenever I've paced the verandah, I've often caught the neighbouring marwaris in various states of undress. They prance to the windows and draw the curtains shut. Every time. Which is another reason I detest them.

8) I don't tell people some very basic information about myself even if I've been close friends with them for more than 2 years. You know.. the whole "let the mystery be there" kinda thing.

9) I use too many I's in my sentences.

10) There's this desire to be in the limelight almost all the time. Maybe it's because I used to be the playground recluse as a kid, which is why I'm making up for it now.

11) I chew my lower lip when I'm thinking. My two front teeth are at right angles to each other because of that. When I'm concentrating on something really hard, but making no headway, I talk to the problem... have a conversation with it. This used to happen when I painted as a kid.

12) My G.I. Joe and He-Man action figures are collecting dust in the cupboard for the last three years. I can't bring myself to dust them clean because I don't want to start playing with them again. My friends walked in on me once when I was executing a Cobra counter strike, with the toys placed strategically on my bed, window sill and an upturned biscuit tin.

13) Sentimental movie and TV scenes make me cry. That's one reason why I stopped watching those home makeover shows on Discovery Travel and Living.

14) I am chewing my lower lip right now. (12:54 pm | February 14 2009)

15) I have a sweet tooth. If there are no sweets in the house, I'll make do with sugar. Or kishmish. Or throat lozenges. Or cough tablets.

16) I used to swing from the bathroom door curtains when I was 5. You know, knot the lower ends into a seat, sit down and go weeeeeeee. This stopped when the curtain tore and I hurt my bum. They just don't make strong curtains nowadays..

17) After my left collarbone broke, it didn't set perfectly. I take morbid pleasure in showing people the droop in the shoulder and detaching the upper arm from the collarbone as far as it can go without hurting. :D

18) While cleaning my room, if I find an old magazine or book, I'll start reading it. Cleaning be damned.

19) I take offence at minor things easily and don't forget them for a long time to come. And I won't tell the people concerned why I'm offended either. But after I've cooled down, I'll start behaving normally with them. This confuses them and they don't know how to react to me. I like this.

20) I love hearing good things about me, but don't know how to handle compliments. Usually I'll make a smartass remark which makes people regret saying something in the first place. Then I follow up with double meaninged sentences.

21) I can bench press up to a 100 kgs, but can't push my way through in a crowd.

22) I love matchmaking between friends. Then reminding them that I brought them together in the first place. :D And then feel rotten when it doesn't work out so I guess the matchmaking isn't exactly a good idea...

23) I am very surprised that I haven't used the straight face smiley even once yet :|

24) While walking, I avoid stepping on the shadows of people's heads. Unless the persons concerned are peeing. Then I pass comments.

25) When travelling alone by public transport, I make it a point to look someone in the eye until he or she looks away. Neighbouring taxi drivers are most susceptible to this.

And in this post I tag you. That's cos I am terrible at remembering names.


nailedtothecross666 said...

So this in a nutshell is /\rk/\

Trademark Arka post. Keep it up mate :)

GT said...

Do you ever feel bored? What do you do then?

Angry Voices said...

@ Ganti:
Thank God it said 25 only. :D

@ Goutam:
I write blog posts.. :/

Raybans dont show eyes said...

Nice one .. but a lil superficial to me ... maybe its bcoz I know you for a long time ... and know you well. There are different facets in your personality. On the one hand there are egoism, attitude, a tendency to snub someone down, to show off ... along with that moto "You can love me, you hate me, but you can't ignore me" ... dats you man.... There is more confusion within yourself than there is outside you ... which even you don't understand ... this gives rise to some incomprehensible from your side sometimes, which in turn brings more attention to you, its rather gives some suspense and thrill to people around you, dats good , coz you not a regular guy, n you should not be looked upon thus... The mystery within you is more mysterious than the mysterious future itself .... On the other hand there are generosity, being humane, facing tough times, solving problems of others along with those of your own, yet being silent about your own deepest gravest problems as much as possible... I liked that part where you said that you are short tempered but you cool down sooner than you get angry... Seems like for temporarily Lord Shiva lets Ganges flow over your head ...Thank God for dat ... coz that's what has kept our friendship sustained this long ...However although anger is a vice , sometimes its serves best as a weapon ... So when there are reasons to be angry then .... Voices better be Angry ...


:| said...

You had poo phobia??!! :O


Shreena :) said...

bahahahaha this is funny :)

dreamy said...

we have 4,10,15 and 18 in common.


sumira said...

first up.. you couldn't figure out how the fb thing works? nut balloon!! :))
3rd is plain weird! :O
i almost thought you didn't write this..then i read number 23. phew! :))

i hate the number 25ers. x(

Kartik Ayyar said...

Duude! 19 & 20 r too freakishly common to be true.

poo-o-phobia? i used to just grunt n get it over with...

Lynx Kitten said...

I avoid stepping on people's shadows as well. Unless they seem annoying, in which case I trample all over them.

I give faces to people's voices, and I can't get along with people if their voice doesn't match them and their personality. Just saying it because I'm too lazy to do 25 things.

There's 3 of them :)

anony_mouse said...

Really Well written.....

Sad that the no of blog entries every year keeps on diminishing......

each and every post of urs keeps one waiting for the next one....

btw... i found point 2 ....extremely cute... :P

and 100 kgs bench press is awesome... b-)

Sourav Ray said...

25 things about yourself is hardly a 'definition'...
I'll bet, even after posting, there's been the temptation of a 'revision'
And it ain't 'cos of the writing, 'cos hey - you know you're good ;-)
But it's 'cos Batman is more than just Bruce Wayne with a hood. :-)

However, it made for awesome reading - love the stuff you write.
They're facts punched with wit and humour - to every blog-reader's delight.

Don't stop now, kid. Keep 'em comin'.

Rashmi said...

You're so pretty still.

Atempt-de-Blog said...

the only memory which stands out tha i have of arka's is this.
and yes.u dont knw this.
i joined the "bangla tuition" way back wen i ws in class 6(did i just make myself sound like am 30?)
people look ,behave ,dress and speak wierd when they are 13-15.u remeber how it was right!...
so in this awkward age i met him.
when i used to go to his place to study ( my teacher being his dida)...he has a bautiful duplex he or whoever had to come down and open the door.
and i used to enjoy wen arka came and opened the door.
coz he used to wear these white,shaadaa pyjamas and i guessed he didn wear undies...and wen he used to climb up the stairs..i used to oogle at his big fat,transluant bumm....and dat was the fun part of the tuition!!!...
cheers arka.!!
p.s: do u regret now that u wanted me to comment?

Nayantara said...

7) I do too! I have other specification too, that go into the making of a good call, like the windows pen, parents asleep etc.

13) :|

16) They don't make strong bums nowadays?

19) I've noticed :|

Nayantara said...


Asawari Ghatage said...




Angry Voices said...

@ Anx:
You would know me better than anyone else, given the 16 years of friendship. But you know, skimming a stone across the surface leaves more ripples than sinking a rock to the bottom. And it pulls the dirt up. Let the settled mud lie.

@ Oink:
Shit yeah. Thank God it blew over.

@ Shreena:
The doc administering the pill thought so too. :|

@ Ads:
The more people change..

@ Sumira:
That's why it's a tag. Maybe I should've added puppy love moments..

@ Ayyar:
I would hate getting dumped.

@ Ramya:
Agreed! Imagine voices over the public address system..

@ KD:
The increase in the waist line is inversely proportional to the number of posts.

@ Chayan Da:
Thank you o wandering nomad.
And for appreciative words that say "not bad" ;)

@ Rashmishra:
And you are so deathly quiet even in your speeches..

@ Aditi:
At least now we are even. I get to gawk at your triangular hair patch in public now. No regrets. B-)

@ NT:
Why would you want a strong bum, chum?

@ Asawari:
Thoughts, like whoa, are just that. No expectations.

Dhivya said...

awwww...that was nice to read. Feel like I know u a lil better now.

I could identify with so many of these and I think other ppl would be able to too...though 25 is a bit strange! Are you sure you dont do that with jus cute girls on the bus? :P

Srimoi said...

I loved the poo part...i remember how u shat in the loo i was 4 n cudnt understand y evryone made such a big deal bout wonder the grannies were so pleased...[:)].....Poo Dada

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

You are probably the first person I know who's almost as shit-obsessed as I am.

But the things you notice about yourself, remarkable! In certain cases, I'm an extreme version of you. Won't tell which - wait for my post on the same :P

Midas said...

Still comment hungry?
(1) I don't like expressing, it intimidates me...(Ah, enough about me.)

24 of them are worth a smile. You like matchmaking between friends. Not quite believable.